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Dutchess rail trail – stage 5 connector Jul – Aug – Sept

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Tuesday 07-16-13

Paving complete for this new section of the RT,from Morgan Lk. to the Walkway

Saturday 08-03-13

I,as everyone else,was able to easily ride (or walk) around the construction barrels at the east end of the Walkway.The new kiosk for stage 5 of the Dutchess RT was in place as were the green directional signs.The mileage posts were also in place.HJ 13.0 is actualy on WOTH SP property.I was able to ride this new section from the new Walkway trailhead to the existing Morgan Lake trailhead.(phase 2 2009) About 3 weeks latter,chain link fence gates are put up on the 3 small bridges curtailing usage of this new section of the RT

Tuesday 09-17-13

The last section of railing,on the siding overpass bridge,is installed.

Monday 09-23-13

The barricades are no longer in place and this section of the RT is now open.There is no official grand opening of this section yet.I am now using this new section,combined with the 2009 phase 2 section,as a bicycle cross town ‘expressway’ from the Walkway.I exit at the No. Grand Ave.(CP GRAND in RR parlence) intersection.

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5 Responses to “Dutchess rail trail – stage 5 connector Jul – Aug – Sept”

  • jay says:

    Is the section from Morgan Lake to the Walkway open for good now?

    I’m gonna be commuting and will have no time to get stopped by any new fences.


    • Kevin says:

      Jay,as noted I have been using this new section as a ‘bicycle expressway’,as a matter of fact just before composing this reply I rode this section – stage 5 is open (no fences or barricades except barrels on the right pedestrian side side of the Fairview ave. overpas just no official ceremony with the politicos etc.

      just remember if going west to east from the Walkway vehicles (the bicycle is a vehicle in this state) have to go to the left side of the Fairview Ave. overpass

      and.. the DRT is a MULTI use RT – be courteous to other trail users – pedestrians have the right of way – care when passing and anounce yourself when passing

      • jay says:

        i need to start biking to work in Highland.

        Looking for good parking spot near N. Grand.??

        I see 2 spots right at the intersection,
        No ‘no parking’ signs just dont want to get towed.

        Thanks for the info.

        Want to avoid driving down to Morgan Lake.

        • Kevin says:

          Jay,there is no parking at No. Grand – that area where people illeagaly park is the emerg. vehicle access area – have you considered the mass transitn option? could take (with bike as long as the C.O.P. is using the newer hybrid buses) the city MAIN STREET route bus to the trans center (RR station) then take the UCAT UPL (Ulster-Poughkeepsie LINK) bus to Highland – on weekdays goes to Bridgeview plaza – Hanaford’s and that nursing home next door – check schedule – could use bike to get to-from bus stops for ‘last mile’ – bicycle + hybrid bus the enviro friendly way to go – make Pete Seager smile and help save the planet

          if you insist on driving park at the Overocker Rd. access parking lot

          • jay says:

            Coming down salt point tpke.
            Just looking to get to DCT and across.
            I thought there was talk of future parking on Van Wagner.
            Thanks for the info.

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