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Walkway elevator construction

  On July 9th I was on the city of Poughkeepsie MAIN STREET route bus which goes under the Walkway at one point and stops at the transportation center (RR station).Whenever I have taken this bus recently, I always look west along the Walkway bridge to see if the elevator tower has been erected.I could see that a portion of the tower  had been completed rising above the trees,about 3/4 of the way to the top.I could also see the very long boom of a telescoping boom crane,with an extension ‘jib’ section at the top,hovering above this completed section I would return the next day to take some pictures.I was disapointed that the crane boom had been retracted,indicating there would be no construction activity this day.If the boom had been extended,I would have walked up to the Walkway to capture some close up construction action photos.Instead I de-bused at the transportation center,and took some photos from the upper deck of the station parking garage.

[fgallery id=13 w=710 h=532 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”Walkway elevator 071613″]


  A few days later,the 12th,I would be going south to Fishkill for a doctor’s apointment.I would transfer between the city bus and the LOOP bus at the transportation center. I would bring my camera with me as there would be enough time between buses to take some photos.I had seen the crane boom was extended indicating construction activity.The tower was now at the Walkway deck.There was no frame yet for the actual elevator and top deck.I had seen the crane lift a cross brace section to the work area at the 18th ‘floor’I had also seen that the New York State bridge authority was performing an inspection of the Walkway bridge.The NYSBA has jurisdiction below the Walkway deck. IE: the actual bridge.

  Four days latter,the 16th,I would return to the Walkway.I had seen,as I aproached on the bus,the crane boom was fully extended indicating construction activity.I would enter the Walkway via the stairs on Washington St. and walk out to the location of where the elevator will be. There was an orange diamond sign that read: WORK ZONE AHEAD.Once at the elevator work site,I could see the elevator tower east side is more to the right,than what I had guessed before the tower was built.The frame for the top deck and the elevator gate et al,was in place.I had talked to one of the iron workers.I had inquired if he was a member of local 417.He had said yes,but other iron workers worked on the Walkway.He told me he had seen the pictures of his fellow iron workers,displayed along the Walkway,working on the bridge during construction in 2009.I had told him the Walkway construction iron workers had painted a LOCAL 417 on the bridge near to the elevator tower.The iron worker told me poured concrete will be used for the elevator top deck.He then hooked his safety line to a strap tied to the high guide rail on the Walkway,and hoped over as easily as you and I might hop in or out of a bathtub.He then hooked to another strap atatched to the mid point of the tower and then went to the far corner of the deck frame to put in some bolts,with the city of Poughkeepsie and the Hudson river 212 feet below.

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