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Dutchess rail trail phase 4b (stage 5 connector) construction


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  After taking some photos from above of the elevator and Upper Landing park construction,I took advantage of my location on the Walkway east end to check on the progress of the connector trail.At the east end of the Walkway parking lot,there were huge piles of debris.I could see beyond the debris piles that there might have been some progress.I walked along Parker Fairview Ave. where the ROW crosses over above grade.

Van Wagner Rd. 1915 arch bridge – road now goes under the RT (phase 2 2009)

Sprout Creek bridge East Fishkill – prior to construction of new bridge during phase 3 of the RT

  At this location,the ROW overpass is a girder bridge.At other locations,Van Wagner Rd.,Salt Point Tpk SR 115,Maloney Rd. and Diddel Rd.,the ROW crosses over the road via a concrete arch bridge.Only the concrete arch bridges at Van Wagner Rd. and Salt Pont Tpk. remain.The other arch bridges have been removed.The old bridge at Maloney Rd. has been replaced with a new truss bridge.At road level,the ‘arch bridge’,is a short tunnel.The other bridges along the old Maybrook line,including the siding overpass bridge,are of the concrete support-steel girder type similar to the original Sprout Creek bridge in East Fishkill.

  I had seen that an access trail was being constructed.I took advantage of this to walk up the newly graded path to the main ROW-trail.I could see the base layer of gravel had been laid and appeared ready for paving.One could clearly see that the old ROW was a 2 track mainline.The girder bridge has a seperator between the 2 tracks.One would hope,once completed,there will be signage warning cyclists of the protrusion in the middle of the trail.

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