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Walkway elevator – Upper Landing Park construction


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  It had been 3 weeks since I was out on the Walkway to check on,and document, the elevator construction progress in May. There did not seem to be much progress then. (see previous post) On this visit,I could see there was an asortment of equipment in the vicinity of the yet-to-be-built elevator tower,on the south side of the bridge.The largest,and most impressive,was a
large caterpillar tread rock drill.Typicaly this would be used to drill holes for blasting.There was also a large,football shaped mound covered by plastic sheeting.At first glance I had thought this might be a large pile of sand and gravel being kept dry from the late afternoon thunderstorm downpours.Indeed,the Falkill creek was swolen to white water status from earlier downpours. However,this mound was in what should be the exact spot for the elevator tower,and so this may not be just a pile of sand,but may be the foundation for the tower.

  I had seen down below,on the north side of the bridge,a construction trailer on the completed sidewalk on Water St.In April I had become a member of the bicycle-pedestrian advisory committee for Dutches County’s 2013 bicycle-pedestrian plan.As one of the suggested improvements for the city and town of Poughkeepsie,is the extension of the new,imprved sidewalk on the west side of Water St. to the Mid Hudson Children’s Museum.It would seem that construction of the remaining improved Water St. sidewalk is underway.I would return a few days later to take photos,and document the progress,of this construction and also of the Upper Landing Park construction.


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  On Wednsday,the 19th,I would go to Water St. for a street level view of the construction taking place.The sidewalk construction was well underway.There was a new column being constructed at the ULP main gate.Possibly for bike-pedestrian access,and the larger gate would would be for motor vehicles.There was an additional banner sign on the construction fence for the local company,LCS Landscapes,part of the LCS Facility Group.Beyond the gate I could see the base concrete walls for the north side of the atrium area,had been erected.At the Children’s Museum and the Fallkill Creek,I could see the pallets full of the brick facade for the walls.There was also some other dark colored masonary,perhaps paving blocks for the paths?

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