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Walkway elevator – Upper Landing Park construction


  When I was at the Walkway for the ceremony honoring Fred Schaeffer as the Rails To Trails Doppelt Family 2013 RT champion,Sat. 5-18,I had taken an updated 2013 brochure-Walkway LOOP map,and a membership card.On it was an artist’s conception of the Walkway elevator.The caption under the graphic read: “a park of the future with a 21-story elevator,amphiheater and Rail Trail system”The amphitheater refered to will be part of the new park at river level curently under construction,the subject of this blog entry along with the Walkway elevator.The later part of the caption should be a reality in October of this year when both the connector link trail (Dutchess RT stage 5) and the Dutchess phase 4 construction (new SR55 RT bridge overpasss) should be completed.

  I would return during the week when the construction crews are working to take some action photos.Over the next few days I would do some research into the background for this new park.I had learned the Dyson Foundation purchased the 2.7 acre future park property along the Hudson River,known as ‘upper landing’,from the city of Poughkeepsie in October of 2012.

[fgallery id=7 w=710 h=532 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”WOTH elev ULP 052213″]

  I would return to the Walkway on Wednesday to have a second look,from above,of the Upper Landing park and elevator construction.I could see from my high vantage point,several of the partialy completed paths and a large circular area.This area can be seen in the artist
rendering and I would guess this will be the amphitheater area.Several of the construction contractor pickup trucks were parked around the periphery of this circular area in old west wagon-train fashion.On the north side of where the high voltage cables go down to and under the river,I could see six large blocks evenly spaced in a large rectangle.Perhaps for the elevator cab? I could only speculate at this point.I also saw some odd looking,at least from 212 ft. up,long yellow bars.On closer examination of the photo,I saw that these were safety barricades.

  While I was taking pictures of the construction activity on the south side of the Walkway,I heard the sound of a buldozer,or some other heavy equipment,that seemed to be behind and below me at river level.I walked to the north side.When I looked down I saw that BCI,the company awarded the contract to build the elevator,had set up their staging area with several construction trailers,cargo containers with equipment etc.I could not see the machine that was making all the noise as it was directly underneath.A temporary road was no doubt being constructed to allow access from the north side so that BCI could work on the elevator while construction of the park was underway.I don’t know if the elevator tower will be built from ‘scratch’ on site,or pre-fabricated sections will be assembled together as a complete 21 story tower.In addition to the tower,work at the top extending the Walkway deck to meet the elevator cab,and all electrical wiring, has to be done.All this has to be completed within a 4 month period to meet the October opening deadline.

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