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Dutchess Rail Trail – phase 4b construction


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  On Monday,I had seen from the NORTHSIDE City Bus,there had been been more clearing in the Morgan Lake trailhead area.I would return to the trailhead on Tuesday to see up close the extent,and progress of the connector link trail construction,what I refer to as phase 4b.

  The Morgan Lake trailhead had that under construction look like it did prior to the opening of the pahse 2 section in July of 2009.The concrete barricades had been moved south-east onto onto the very end of the phase 2 pavement.There was orange netting closing off the access trail.There was a temporary gravel access trail.At the kiosk,the 2011 rail trail maps had been removed.They will be obsolete in October.I would presume a brand new 2013 Dutchess Rail Trail map,showing a complete rail trail going all the way from Hopewell Jct. to the east end of the Walkway Over The Hudson state park,will be put into the map display enclosure.

  I had seen a large sign for the NYS Enviromental Protection Fund stage 5 Dutchess Rail Trail.I had thought additional funding would have been needed for this extension of the main rail trail,as per the 2006 plans,to the Walkway.I had seen,the now familiar green directional-mileage signs.The arrow pointing west read: Hudson River 1.7 miles.Of course, one would not be able to ride a bicycle,or walk,to the Hudson river 212 feet under the Walkway now.In October,when all construction is complete and the new sections of the rail trail are open to the public,one will indeed be able to and keep going for another 5 miles aproximately to the Tony Wiliams Lloyd town park in Ulster county west of the Hudson River.Fred Schaeffer’s dream of an interconnected trail system will be a reality.

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