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Walkway elevator – Upper Landing Park

updated Bergman and Associates 2010 map- the park boundries are aproximate , a best guess at this point  

  In December of last year I went to Water Street here in the city of Poughkeepsie,where the Walkway cross over, for an end of the year look.With a bit less than a month left in 2012,there still, was no constrction activity related to the Walkway elevator.However,I had discovered the reason,at least in part, for the delay.It seems that a new city park,named Upper Landing,is to be built under the Walkway from Water Street to the river.There now will be a park at the base of the elevator.In the spring of 2013 I would return to check for any construction activity related to either the new park or the elevator.

  There was a brief respite from the winter storm that would arrive near the end of the first week in March.On a fall-like day last week I would go down to where the new park will be on Water street.To my surprise,there was a construction fence along Water Street.On the fence gate,there was a large banner with the park name and logo and the name of the construction management company,Kirchhoff-Consigli.There was no sign for the company awarded the contract for construction of the elevator,BCI of Albany.Other than the constuction fencing,there were no signs of activity and a noticeable absence of construction equipment in place.

  During the Labor Day weekend last year,I was down at the Poghkeepsie station to take some pictures of a private railcar at the end of an Amtrak train. Before returninig home,I would take a short walk from the station along Water Street to where the Walkway crosses over high overhead.I had become curious about the Walkway elevator that was suposed have been built.As per the Bergman and Associates public meeting presentation,the elevator should have been completed in March of 2012 and here it was September.There was no activity at all related to the elevator.However,I did notice that the Hoffman Street bridge construction project,which had started in 2011,seemed to extend beyond just the area of the new bridge onto Water Street.

a familiar name … Harrison and Burrowes was the prime contractor for the Walkway as well,just a short distance away from their current project

  During my most recent visit to Water Street,I had seen there were new sidewalks and other improvemnts.The new sidewalk construction on the west side stoped short of the Walkway crossover and the historic Hoffman House.The Hoffman House will be a part of the yet-to-be-built Upper Landing Park.The revitalization of Poughkeepsie’s riverfront,Water Street,started several yeas ago.(the Rinaldi Blvd./Bonura project started about a decade ago) Unlike downtown Poughkeepsie,the historic old buildings on Water Street have been preserved and repurposed,like what has been done in the city of Beacon on Main Street.One building,the 1834 Dutchess Whaling Company Tenant House,has been fully preserved and renovated and houses a law office and apartments.

new sidewalk and pavement – the new Hoffman St. bridge can be seen in the background

the 1834 Dutchess Whaling Company Tenant House

  I walked to the north end of Water Street and saw that there was construction related activity in the old Dutton lumber yard. Actualy there was not construction but rather demolition work,razing the old buildings. This is the very begining of a much larger transit oriented development project.

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