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  Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D) 22nd district at the Hudson Valley RT phase 2 eastern extension grand opening,October 2,2010.This event coincided with the 1st year aniversary of the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park opening.As part of the ceremonies,Congressman Maurice Hinchey,along with Senator Charles Schumer and many others who supported the Walkway,were honored with a bronze star to be placed near the west gate in recognition of their support.

  This will be Mr. Hinchey’s last term as congresman.He will not be running for re-election and will retire at year’s end.He had been fighting colon cancer and had surgery last summer.He missed a sesion of congress as a result.Just recently he helped secure funding for a trails project in Kingston.

the abandoned Maybrook line ROW at Morgan Lake

  And speaking of Senator Schumer … a special thanks to him for negotiating the deal with CSX for acquisition of the Maybrook line CSX ROW property from the eastern end of the Walkway to the Morgan Lake trailhead of the Dutchess Rail Trail, in the city of Poughkeepsie,by the Walkway organization – the ‘friends” of the Walkway.The final deal negotiated by Mr. Shumer would be for a tad more than $1M.The remaing ROW property in the city of Poughkeepsie will still be owned by CSX.

  In a somewhat surprising twist,once the Walkway group has legal ownership of the property,they are to turn the property over to Dutchess county..I had thought, based on all of the new rail trail maps,that the Walkway would be extended to the Dutchess rail trail.



the abandoned Maybrook line ROW at the very east end of the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park



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