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Dutchess Rail Trail – phase 3 construction


  On my way to check on the progress,or lack thereof, of the phase 3 construction work at Titusville the town of LaGrange,I had stoped at the Stewart’s on SR 55 in the town of Poughkeepsie. A DC water department truck pulled in to the Stewart’s parking lot.The ROW the rail trail is on was converted from a railroad row to a ROW for a water line. However, because of the original RR heritage,the trail is refered to as a rail trail.I said to the driver “I see you are on the rail trail too”. In our converstation with each other,he had told me that work on the Sprout Creek bridge would have to be completed by October 1,just a few days away. He said it was something to do with the mating season of some aquatic creature. He had told me that work,presumably for phase 3 in its entierty,would be completed by November 19 of this year. I voiced my extreme skepticsm over this completion date. The DC trails web site does support this date in a way,the site quotes “the end of 2010” as the completion date for phase 3. Here is an excerpt from the DC trails web site in regards to phase 3:“Construction Stage 3 – (Section 2 on map): Rt. 82 to Old Manchester Road, East Fishkill, Wappinger and LaGrange – Begin Spring, 2010. Open to users by 2010 year end.”

  On this day,the end of September 2010, work on the new CR 49 Titusville Rd.overpass has finaly begun. I could see the foundation for one of the  the new bridge supports on the north side. With the recent rain the, hole for the foundation had filled with water and only the top of the concrete form could be seen. Work on the new grade up to the bridge had begun. Most oddly, I had noted on the south side the new grade was offset from the grade on the north side. Either someone was reading the plans upside down, or there will be a very unusual L shaped RT pedestrian bridge at this crossing.

 There is still no bridge over Maloney Rd. as of this date. Almost all of the forms have been removed,except for 2 small  protrusions, presumabely to anchor the new bridge once finaly in place.There was no activity at Diddell Rd. At the Sprout Creek bridge,near the SR376 crossing, I was now able to see the exact nature of the work being done. It seems, the old concrete supports are not being totaly removed, but rather just the outer most layer. New re-bar is being put over the remaining
 old concrete supports,with forms, and presumabely new concrete will be poured into the new forms. There was evidence of bridge iron work being done,and there was a new I beam steel column on the side. At the SR36 crossing, there has been no new work. Most noteably, the section of the ROW on the south side, that connects with the completed phase 1 section, has yet to be worked on. Perhaps the DC trails site should have read “phase 3 completion at the end of 2011”? – next year

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