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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – phase 2 construction


the rail trail extension (phase 2) is now paved! There is now a ribbon of asphalt extending 1.3 miles from the west end of the Walkway under Mile Hill Road,under rt 9W, and over Vineyard Ave., past the newley paved parking lot at Commercial Ave. to the east end of the old phase 1 original 1997 section of the rail trail.The new parking lot at Haviland Rd. had yet to be paved. I had noted, when I rode up to the RT at Commercial Ave.,that the semi private side road had been re-paved as well.The old RR signal had yet to be restored. I would ride on what-is-now a contiguous paved rail trail to the pavilion from here. I had seen, at the east end of the old section, one of the exercise stations had been vandalized. At the pavilion, I had seen there is RR themed artwork in several of the windows of the caboose. I was about to take some pictures of this,when I saw a man aproach from the other side of the caboose. He had in his hand some copies of “Signals”, the Hudson Valley RT association’s newsletter. He identified himself as Rafael Diaz. He is the editor of the newsletter. Rafael had said something about the new bridge over Vineyard Ave. in the village of Highland. I had told him I had missed the actual placing of the bridge. He had told me the pre-fabricated bridge was in 2 sections and was put together in place. I was then treated to a tour of the pavilion. Rafael showed me the kitchen used for events, and the two bathrooms. It seems the one I had been using was actualy the ladies room.This came as a surprise to myself as I am sure, at some point, I had tried all 3 doors (FYI: none of the doors are marked) and the middle door was the only one open. The lock on the ladies room door was broken and the supply lines to the sink were disconected.I had told Rafael I had seen one of the exercise stations vandalized.

the ribbon cuting ceremony for the opening of the new rail trail section will be 12:30 PM October 2 at the Haviland Rd. parking lot
– the new east end trailhead (about 100 yards from the Walkway entrance)

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