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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – phase 2 construction


the caboose on Haviland Rd prior to restoration
picture taken June,2009

the caboose at the west end of the Walkway – picture taken October,2009 during the opening weekend

the caboose at its current location,the east end of the Hudson Valley RT

  While I was taking pictures of the construction activity at the very east end of the new phase 2 section of the rail trail, (west end of the Walkway) I had noticed something familiar protruding above the trees at the west corner of the sub station. I did not have a clear view and so could not imediatly identify what it was. I had returned to my bicycle and then I looked to my left and saw that the caboose was not there. I had realized what I had seen was the cupola of the caboose. Once on Haviland Rd. at the yet-to-be east end RT parking lot, I was able to get a better view. In a profound bit of irony, in order to move the caboose from the west end of the former, now trackless, RR bridge 100 yards to a spot along the same ROW,required a large (road) crane. Last year, during the construction of the Walkway, the un-restored caboose was in a construction lot east of the Walkway on Haviland Rd. Then it was moved to the west end of the Walkway. At some point it was restored, (I am not sure if it was restored prior to this move) and now moved to what-will-be the east end of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. That little red caboose sure gets around! This rail trail now has the distinction of having 2 cabooses, (or is that cabeese?) one at the pavilion, open to walk through, and now this one at the east
end parking lot, for display

  At Mile Hill Rd., work on the trail bed was underway. What will be the actual trail, and part that will be paved, can be seen now. There was no activity at Commercial Ave

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