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Walkway OTH report


the east gate as it appeared in October, 2009  note the construction barrels at the right side of the photo

construction area north side of the east gate – the new concrete landing for the yet-to-be stairway June 25,2010

Ever since the grand opening weekend,October 2009, there has been that not-yet-finished under construction area at the north corner of the east gate. I had thought during my rides on the Walkway on a weekeday, I would see a construction crew finishing whatever it was that was left unfinished when the Walkway was opened to the public. I was out on the Walkway almost at the very end of 2009, and still there was that unfinished area at the north corner of the east gate. With the start of the 2010 season,this unfinised area seemed to be a permanent part of the Walkway. Then, near the end of June, I had noticed something going on at this corner of the east gate.There was a new concrete pad for something as yet determined. I did not yet know what was to be in this area. All was revealed in this Sunday’s local newspaper,the Poughkeepsie Journal, what was to be where this new concrete pad was made. The newspaper article header said it all “Walkway Market,stairs to debut” In addition to the new stairs, there is to be a farmers market every Wednesday at the east end, in the City of Poughkeepsie, from 3 PM to 7PM

the new stairs leading down to Washington Ave.


Before this date there were signs notifying those that use the WOTH parking lots at either end, there would be a fee imposed for use of said parking lots efective as of this date. I had always though it a bit odd that there was no fee for parking when the Walkway opened last year. Most state parks,here in New York, charge a fee for parking. One of the neat things about riding a bicycle to one of New York’s state parks, is that there is no fee for cyclists, unless of course one is on a tour and the park has campgrounds,then said cyclist would pay a per night fee for a tent site. To those bitchn’ about the new parking lot fee at the Walkway,I say GET A BIKE! I am sure Fred Schaeffer would agree with me.

Fred Schaeffer’s Dutch bicycle – given to him by the Dutch government as part of the Henry Hudson Quadricentenial celebration in 2009

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