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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – phase 2 construction


cleared and ready for the new bridge – the original stone
wall support for the old bridge can be seen – July 01

the crane used to lift the new bridge in place

the new bridge for the not-yet-completed new section
of the rail trail – July 18

  When I ride through the village of Highland to check on the progress of the phase 2 construction,I had been taking note of the area where the ROW crosses over Vineyard Ave. I had noted on my ride at the begining of the month, that the east side had been cleared.This was an indication the placement of the new bridge was soon to be. On this day I had seen (couldn’t help but notice) that the new bridge was in place. I had missed the actual placement,and so I don’t know if the pre-fab rail trail truss bridge was one very large complete bridge in one section,or was in 2 halves,and assembled in place.The tunnel under Mile Hill Rd is complete.I had thought there would be another section,the bridge part,(to create a “brunnel”) put on top of the pre-fab tunnel,but the space between was filled in  with dirt and rocks. A new grade for the road had been formed.The forms for the concrete retaining walls / portals had a faux stone block cast on one side.The finished result was quite nice.This new section of the RT will be more sopisticated than the older,somewhat simpler section.There is that truss bridge over Vineyard Ave.,the side trail up to route 9W,and the tunnel. I think the parking lot at the east end will be paved. The parking lot in the town park at the west end was not origunaly paved. It had been paved. The parking lot at the pavilion remains un-paved.The paved trail surface of the origianl 1997 section (“phase 1”) has gotten a bit bumpy and rough over the past few years,and is showing its age. I don’t know if there are plans to re-pave this section.

the completed new tunnel under Mile Hill Rd – July 18

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