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Dutchess Rail Trail – phase 3


town of LaGrange CR49 crossing – the main construction staging area at the
north end of this new section being built

  Phase 3 construction is underway When I had checked the Dutchess trails website last year during the phase 2 construction,I aparently had gotten the start and completion dates reversed.I had thought phase 3 construction would start in the Fall of this year,2010,but as per the website,phase 3 is to be completed in the Fall,and would start this Spring.I had seen on the website that phase 3 construction was underway.This bit-more-than 4 mile section,will go south from CR 49 – Titusville Rd.,in the town of LaGrange,to the north end of the previously completed and open phase 1 section in the town of East Fishkill.This will be the longest section to be built. Once phase 3 is complete,the combined sections will make a bit-more-than 6 miles of RT between Hopewell Jct. and CR 49 in LaGrange.
This will be the middle of the RT. As per the website, phase 4 would be the “biggie”,the new $6M bridge over SR 55.This wil be the final section of the 12 miles total RT.There are plans for a future phase 5 to replace the bridge over SR 115 – Salt Point Tpk. Most noteably,there are no future plans,by the county of Dutchess,for a phase 6 to extend the RT from the north-west end of the open phase 2 section to the east end of the Walkway. With the Dutchess RT phase 3 project,and the Hudson Valley RT phase 2 project,(Ulster county – town of Lloyd)) there are now 2 RT projects,of 2 different rail trails, along the same ROW, on both sides of the Hudson river. I would ride out CR 49 to where the ROW crosses the road,at grade,to see if there was any construction activity at this end. It had seemed that the construction would be mostly from the north to the south. There was a main “staging” area and construction trailer on the north side of the road.

  In the late 1990’s,I had mapped out a parallel route along the abandoned Maybrook line ROW. It was to become a rail trail.I had thought,at the time, this would happen in a few short years,and as the RT was built,I would have a route to ride to the sections that are open. At the time I had ridden south into the town of Wappingers,and the town highway department were removing one of the bridge-tunnels (a “brunnel”) over several of the town roads that the ROW passed over. A “mere” 13 years latter,riding a different bycycle,I was at the same location,where there was a construction crew working on the latest section of the Dutchess Rail Trail. They were building the foundation/support for … you guessed it,a NEW BRIDGE! for the RT over Maloney Rd. near the intersection with Daley Rd. I then rode another town road to where the ROW crossed over Diddell Rd. There was no work yet for the new RT bridge over this road.

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