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Memorial Day Weekend 2010

The weather forcast for the month of May should have been – summer with brief periods of spring.  Preceding this weekend it had been very summer like with tempatures in the mid 90’s (F) and afternoon thunderstorms. Indeed March had been unusualy warm as well. My first ride of the year I was wearing my summer touring shorts and a T shirt.I also had to apply sunscreen. I have already gone through an entire bottle of sunscreen which would almost last a normal entire season.

Fri. 5/28

  Originaly the forecast was for rain / thunderstorms today,but was OK.Today would prove to be quite nice with relatively low humidity and temps in the 80’s.I would go for a short ride across the river (via the Walkway OTH state park of course) to do a bit of shopping and to check on the status of the Hudson Valley RT “phase 2” extension project at the start of the holiday weekend. (see seperate blog report below)

Sat. 5/29

  Today would have the weather that Friday was suposed to have.With high humidity and a threat of thunderstorms,I did not ride today. I would,instead,set up my window unit air conditioner for the season.

Sun. 5/30

  I had wanted to return to the Roosevelt Farm Lane – Hyde Park Trail.I had planed on riding this trail from rt 9G across from Val Kill – Elanor’s home – to US rt. 9 and the FDR home NHS during this weekend. The FDR Home traditionaly has had a WWII encampment on the grounds during this weekend,and other Memorial day related events and programs.The 1.7 mile ride through the woods would provide me with cool releif from the blazing sun.

SLIDE SHOW VIDEO (MS Windows Media .wmv)

  Once at the south end of the trail,at US rt9,I was able to easily find the Tulip leaf blaze for the Hyde Park Trail on the other side of the highway, on the FDR home grounds. The trail went up,the wrong way,on a paved service road.I ended up near Belafield “cottage”. This so called “cottage” would be quite a respectful home by any standard. With all the traffic,and my focusing on getting to the military encampment and the Wallace visitor center,I had lost the trail markers.I would first ride to the visitor center to get a cold soda to wash down the sandwich I had brought with me. I had previously known that the new captain, Cmndr. Robert Chadwick, of the USS Roosevelt – DDG 80, was going to be in Hyde Park for various Memorial Day activities and celebrations. I would find out he would be giving a presentation in the auditorium of the visitor center at 15:00 hrs. (3:00 PM to the non-military) As a former member of the “Tonkin Gulf Yatch Club” – USS Coral Sea CVA 43,this would be of special interest to myself.This would provide me with enough time to take a walking tour of the military encampment spread out in the field across from the FDR presidential library. The Memorial day weekend encampment was primarily WW II, but other military wars and or periods were represented as well.There was representation of WW I,WW II,Vietnam,and Desert Storm and the present.The Korean war period may have been represented,but the vehicles etc. are so close to WW II,I may have thought what I was looking at was of WW II.The very first military camp I had seen was in fact a WW I era Army camp with a period vehicle,a person (who looked old enough to be a Korean war vet) dressed in the typical WW I era “doughboy” uniform of a “non com” (non-commisioned officer – pvt.,corpral etc – to the non military) ,a dashing looking fellow dressed in a typical period officers uniform (weraing decidedly non WW I era wrap around sunglases) and a fully restored 1918 Vicker Mk 1 machine gun.There are typicaly foreign army camps represented at these Memorial Day weekend encampments.The red star on the sign of one camp clearly identified this to be a Soviet Russian army camp. The Vietnam era camp was identified not only by the equipment or the
 or the M16 weapon most associated with this war, but by the late 1960’s newspapers,and a Life magazine, of the period. I heard some gunfire. A re-enacted “battle” had begun.

USS Roosevelt DDG 80

   After the re-enacted battle I returned to the Wallace visitor center for the presentation by the new captain, Cmndr. Robert Chadwick II, of the USS Roosevelt DDG 80.The Roosevelt is named for both Franklin and Eleanor. The ship was oficialy adopted by Hyde Park and the county of Dutchess. The Roosevelt is an Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) class of modern guided missile destroyers.Thus the “G” designation.The Roosevelt is of the variant with a small helicopter flight deck, and hangers,
 at the aft end. (the rear of the ship to the non-nautical) She is 510 feet long and 10,000 tons displacement and has 4 GE gas turbines, or as her captain put it it “four DC 10 jet engines”, for a total of 100,000 HP to the 2 shafts.The propellers,or “screws”,are variable pitch to allow for foward and reverse. Like a ferry boat,but much bigger. When the captain began to talk about the more technical aspects of the ship it sounded like an episode of “Star Trek”,with phrases like “phased array” – “Aegis” and techno-mil acronyms like AN/SPY 1D – MK 99 – ATWCS – MK 41 VLS – AAW – ASW.

Mon. 5/31 Memorial Day

  I had wanted to see just how far it was from Morgan Lake,the northern terminus of the Dutchess rail trail, to the east end of the Walkway via the old ROW,and if indeed I could actualy ride it,at least in part. It would seem that this section of abandoned ROW,which technicaly is still owned by CSX, has become a public use trail. After tip-toeing across the rotting RR ties on a small bridge at the north end of Morgan Lake,I was able to ride to the SR 9G underpass tunnel.This proved to be the most dificult section as there was a debris and dirt berm blocking access.I had to walk around the obstruction via a well worn,very narrow,footpath to the other side under the highway.After negotiating several other bridges,I arrived at the east end of the Walkway exactly 1 mile from the end of the Dutchess RT at Morgan Lake.

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