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  I have noted some confusion in regrads to the area trailways near the Walkway Over The Hudson.There are information kiosks for the Walkway Loop Trail at either end of the WOTH.These kiosks have a large map of the “trail”,which is actualy a street and public road loop route. This map depicts a future time when all of the area trailways connect with the WOTH and are fully completed To add to all of  this confusion, Google Maps seems to think the WOTH is the Hudson Valley RT.I have created an annotated version of the WLT map, as a PDF format document that should help to clear the confusion.
Here are some important points that should help:

  The Walkway Over The Hudson,the Hudson Valley RT and the Dutchess RT,are all different sections of the same RR ROW – the old “Maybrook Line”.The Maybrook Line went from Maybrook in Orange county NY to Hopewell Jct.,both the RR reference and the village with the same name, in Dutchess County

  The Walkway Over The Hudson is a seperate entity from the Hudson Valley RT and the Dutchess RT.The WOTH is a state park. It is the repurposed 122 year old RR bridge/trestle that spaned the Hudson river between Poughkeepsie and Highland.It is now a pedestrian / bicycle bridge and linear state park.The Walkway became a state park October 3,2009.Prior to this,it was under the ownership of the Walkway OverThe Hudson organization. This organization are now “friends” of the Walkway.The WOTH is part of Adventure Cycling’s Atlantic Coast Route.This route will be part of the US bicycle route system – the route number will be USBR 1

  The rail trail on the west side of the Hudson,Ulster county,in the town of Lloyd and the village of Highland, is named the “Hudson Valley Rail Trail”.This RT is under the jurisdiction of / ownership by the town of Lloyd.Therefore it is a linear town park. Currently,as of 06-09-10, this paved 2 1/4 mile RT goes from the Tony Williams town park on (Ulster) CR15 to near Commercial Ave. in the village of Highland.There is a short 1/4 mile unpaved section to an un-named paved semi private side road to Commercial Ave. FYI: this side road is a very steep 15% grade.There is ongoing construction to extend this RT east from this point to the west end of the Walkway. (not to confuse you but,the very east end of this RT will also be the very west end of the Walkway) The expected completion of this project was originaly to be late Fall of this year, 2010,but as per the recent newsletter available on the HudVal RT website,the work is ahead of schedule and the new phase 2 section may be open in October of this year.

annotated map of the Hudson Valley RT – as of 06-14-10

  The Dutchess rail trail will,when finaly complete – 2011?… 2012? – will be 12 miles in length.The northern terminus is (and will be) the Morgan Lake park in the city of Poughkeepsie.The southern terminus is Hopewell Jct.This RT is under the jurisdiction of / ownership by the county of Dutchess.Therfore it is
 a linear county park. When the RT was planed,Dutchess county was not able to obtain ownership at the time, of the ROW from what is now the east end
 of the Walkway,and so Morgan Lake became the northern terminus of the RT as per the 2006 plans.The 1 mile section of undeveloped ROW from Morgan Lake to the east end of the Walkway is curently, as of 06-09-10, still owned by the RR – CSX.

  In 2025??? there may or will?? be 19 miles (maybe a bit more) of paved (well.. technicaly 17 3/4 miles of paved asphalt and 1 1/4 miles of concrete decking on the Walkway) contiguous rail trail from Hopewell Jct. in Dutchess county to (near) SR 299 in the town of Lloyd in Ulster county.

annotated Walkway Loop Trail map




  The new section of the RT is taking shape. I had thought the “bridge” that was to be put in place, at Mile Hill Rd,would well… be a BRIDGE – a new span over the ROW,as there was, and will be once again,over Vineyard Ave. Therfore what a surprise it was to see,on this day,a prefab concrete tunnel in place over the ROW / not-yet-a-RT.I had seen several men,one of whom seemed to be the project engineer, I had told him I had thought there was to be a bridge He told me there is.          I looked down at the ROW and told him,”well… down there it’s a tunnel” Aparently Mile Hill road used to,and now once again,crossed over the ROW,as does rt 9W and SR 9G in the city of Poughkeepsie,via a bridge-tunnel – a “brunnel”.From the perspective of the road it is a bridge,but down on the ROW it is a tunnel.The portals for the sectional pre-fab tunnel part had a faux “stone” block face and a spot for the keystone,that presumeably will have the year (2010) carved in it. I rode over to the RT access at Commercial Ave.There was no activity in this area. Where the ROW used to, and once again will,goes over Vineayard Ave., I had noted construction activity on the east side in the Vintage Village area. I had found out from the spring 2010 newsletter of the Hudson Valley RT,that this area was the Pratt lumber yard. I had also found out that the RT is split in two as an old bridge – one of those “brunnels” – where (Ulster) CR12 New Paltz Rd. went over the RT,is replaced.This would mean that CR 12 – New Paltz road would be closed in this area.This road is part of ACA’s Atlantic Coast Route and future USBR1.There was no activity in the Commercail Ave. area. I would ride to the pavilion and then on CR 12 to confirm that it is closed.It was.I rode back to the pavilion.I then turned left off the county highway onto a town road, So. Chodike Lake Rd.There was a red and black bike route sign with an arrow pointing in this direction.This was presumeably for a bike-a-thon ride.I knew this town road went to SR 299.I had seen the official highway department orange detour sign for New Paltz Rd. – CR12 on this road.I then returned to the RT and rode to the Commercial Ave. area and then Vineyard Ave. and Tilson Ave. to US rt 9W.I rode up the sidewalk on the west side to see what,if any, progress had been made. I had seen that there had been quite a bit of work done where the ROW goes under the highway.I had noted that there seemed to be a more substantial grade,for a RR, than the original ROW had.There was perhaps a 5% grade from the tunnel. Only in NY (or PA) could there be a hill on an otherwise nearly dead flat RT! I had seen what may be the begining of the side trail to the highway. This would explain the grade on the main ROW,the main ROW is to meet the side trail half way up.


  At Mile Hill road,on the Haviland Rd. side there was a newley poured new concrete bridge abutment / retaining wall on the south side.The forms were still in place.The big pipe was still exposed.I rode over to the Commercial Ave. area in the village of Highland.I had seen an Adesta work truck.
Adesta is the fiber optic company that had paid $400,000 to the town of Lloyd for the right to use the ROW to route their cable.I had talked briefly to a worker,with a cable locater,placing flags marking the FO cable route.He had told me that the new bridges will be put in place in late June.



the old RR signal at Grand Ave. – as it apeared June 25,2009

The old RR signal at Grand Ave. ,town of Poughkeepsie, (phase 2 section) has been removed,presumeably for restoration.On the DRT phase
II map,it was noted that the old signal is slated for restoration.

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