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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – phase 2 construction


  Work on the forms and rebar lattice, for the new concrete bridge abutments-supports for the Mile Hill road overpass,have begun. In the US rt. 9W tunnel area, I had seen the “mini” Cat back hoe on the west side at highway level.This “mini” back hoe may be the only piece of excavation equipment that could work inside the tunnel.There was no aparent new work on Vineyard Ave. in the area of the ROW overpass. Over the past 36 years trees have actualy begun to grow up in the middle of the ROW.In this overpass area on Vineyard Ave.,there are several small trees that would have to be cleared before the new bridge can be put into place.There are also some utility lines that would have to be moved as well.In the ROW area near Comercial Ave.the debris berm, that went half way up the old RR signal,has been removed.


  The Mile Hill Rd. overpass has been dug out.The ROW has been restored. The new concrete bridge supports on both sides of Vineyard Ave.,in the village of Highland,are in place. On my previous visit I rode on the RT from Comercial Ave. to the depot-pavilion,I had noted that the area next to the pavilion was being cleared.There is now a cleared area, presumably for a new auxilary parking lot.

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