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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – report


the ROW looking east in the area of the “Vintage Village”

picture of the ROW and old station in the Vintage Village area – taken September 2009

  I had ridden up a side street off Tilson Ave., in the village of Highland, to get to the back end of the “Vintage Village” complex of antique stores to check on the progress,or lack thereof, of the RT “phase 2” construction,and to take some pictures of course. I had just dismounted and leaned my bike against a dumpster, when one of the construction workers told me I would have to leave as he had to close the gate. This made me wonder about this small section of the ROW. In addition to the “Antique Village”,there is a small warehouse that has been closed for many years,and what may have been an old freight station,or perhaps the old passenger station? that had been converted for a business of some sort that also had been closed. Is all of the property,including the ROW, in this area under a single private ownership? IE: not the town of Lloyd. Will the completed new section of the rail trail in this area be fenced in with a road crossing for the back entrance access road? The ROW east of this area to rt. 9W has been cleared,but the short sectioon of ROW in that upper section with the warehouse and the old station,has not.

Hudson Valley RT – the east end of the current open section

  I then rode back out to Vineyard Ave. and then onto Commercial Ave. to get to the unpaved “tail end” of the current paved open section of the rail trail. I have ridden through this section to-from the main paved section of the RT many times over the years.However,I have never been on the RT this early in the season. With the sparse vegitation this time of the year,my focused attention due to the recent construction,and as part of that construction the removal of some overgrowth,I was able to see some details missed over the years. I had discovered,for example,a complete section of track that led up to that old warehouse. This must have been a siding from the main track. There were trees growing up from the middle of the track.

ROW cleared from Vineyard Ave. to Comercial Ave.

old warehouse and siding in the Comercial Ave. area

  From the end of the current open section,I rode west on the open paved section to the pavilion. Over the past few years I have noticed the trail surface to be rough in some sections. I had seen on this day on the edge of the paved surface,there were some pot holes.When I had arrived at the pavilion,I had noticed some clearing along the trail just east of the pavilion. The access gate at the private side road,in this area,was open.The pavilion,after all these many years,still does not have have signs on the 3 doors to indicated which one is the restroom.The middle restroom door was open on this day.

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