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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – phase 2 construction


old ROW looking east – the west end of the WOTH SP can be seen in the background

  On this day I had seen that construction of a possible new parking lot along Haviland Rd. ,near the west end entrance of the Walkway OTH state park,
was underway. I would presume this will be the eastern terminus parking lot for the RT. I would imagine,in the future,this parking lot will serve as an auxiliary parking lot for the Walkway as well.The west end of the WOTH is only 100 yards or so away. I had ridden to route 9W north,on the east side,to see the ROW going under the highway via the tunnel. When I was here last year,I could hardly see the ROW with all the overgrowth. The ROW is now clearly visable. When I was at the Hanaford doing some shoping,I had seen a truck go by with old RR ties,then another flat bed truck with sections of rail. I could only presume that this was from the old ROW. I did not know that there was any track left, though.

the old ROW going under route 9W

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