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Hudson Valley Rail Trail – phase 2 construction


ROW and the old tunnel under route 9W

  As previously noted in my first ride, of 2010,on the Walkway report,construction to extend the Hudson Valley Rail Trail east to the Walkway
has begun.I have dubed this Phase 2, in similar manner to the Dutchess Rail Trail construction stages. I had kind of wondered about that side road
from Haviland Rd., Mile Hill Rd., that crosed the ROW at elevation above the ROW.Was there a second tunnel? I had known there was a tunnel
under rt. 9W.I had found out there was once a bridge and the area between the 2 ends of the bridge had been filled in.That area is now being excavatedand a new bridge over the ROW will be put in place,thus reverting to the original road overpass with,what will be,the rail trail going under. This in addition to the new bridge over Vineyard Ave. – rt.44/55 – in the village of Highland.When I had checked the HudVal RT website,I saw that a side trail up to rt. 9W,to access the services,will be constructed as well.

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