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Walkway Report – first ride 2010


build it and they will come …

  The Walkway has had 450,000 visitors so far,after just 5 months.The Walkway is now the third most visited state park.For my second ride of the year I would ride to Highland via the WOTH.When I had arrived at the east end entrance off Parker Ave., in the city of Poughkeepsie, I was surprised to see heavy construction equipment in the lower dirt parking lot.It had seemed the small hill between this parking lot and the RT approach area on the other side,was being removed. I had noticed some new bicycles in the parking lot of what is (or was) the antique center,which was an old factory,across the street. My curiosity piqued,I went across the street to find out what was going on. I had talked to a couple and they had told me they were renting and selling “cruiser” bicycles.The fellow I had talked to was Jason Anthony of Anthony’s bike rental.He had told me they will be moving into a new park concesion building that will include some sort of food concesion.There was much ado about the economic benefits of the Walkway. I had figured it would take more than the 5 months the Walkway had been open,like maybe over several years, before I would see something like Anthony’s bike rental,or Mahoney’s of Poughkeepsie operating a food concesion cart/stand during the fall last year,just weeks after the Walkway opened. It would seem people are taking notice of Parker Ave. as well. Because of the Walkway, this part of Poughkeepsie may become another economicaly developed area of the city, as is the waterfront. At the west end,in Highland,I had noticed that work on extending the Hudson Valley rail trail
 to the Walkway had begun.

new construction at the east entrance of the WOTH state park – City of Poughkeepsie

snow on the Cats’

“phase 2” Hudson Valley RT construction – extending the trail to the WOTH

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