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sunset over the Walkway – final report 2009


  I would return to the Walkway one last time for the year. As it was winter, the bicycle is in winter storage and so I would, as I did during my first
time out on the Walkway on opening day in October, be in “hiker” mode.I had taken the Poughkeepsie City bus NORTHSIDE route to the intersection of Washington St. and Parker Ave.I would walk the 1/4 mile from there to the Walkway entrance and then another 1/2 mile total in the Walkway park.
(FYI: the NORTHSIDE route bus also serves the Dutchess RT at Morgan Lake).
I had timed it so I would be on the Walkway near sunset. As I was taking the last few pictures, I had noticed a private car,not a state park vehicle,aproaching from the west end.A park employee leaned out to let everyone know the Walkway would be closing in a few minutes.I quickly took the last few pictures and began the walk back to the east entrance along the south side. I had seen the electrical work that had been done.There seemed to be LED lights at regular intervals on this side.I did not see lights, on the north side.In just this last few months of 2009,the Walkway has already seen 215,000 visitors.

I look foward to riding across the Walkway in the spring during one of my first rides of 2010.

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