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I went for a short ride from the Poughkeepsie RR station to the east entrance of the Walkway OTH, to do a mileage check of the route I had previously maped out. The east entrance is now paved. The single track siding, that had served as the construction entrance, was also paved. There was a wood frame for a large sign. Interestingly, I had seen some NY state parks – Taconic region – vehicles in the dirt city parking lot. The soon-to-be new owners of the Walkway. One of the dark green vehicles was a dump truck with a trailer. I could also see a paving roller machine nearby. It would seem they had done the paving. I did not have my camera, so I would have to return the next day on Friday to take some pictures (thus the photo date discrepency)


The west entrance in Highland is now complete. The chain link fence gate and the construction office trailer, that were a part of the Highland “landscape” for a little over a year were all gone. The big sign on the concrete base seemed to be up higher. I could see at the far end of the parking lot, behind a tree, a small structure. In the zoom close-up picture I could see that this structure had a solar panel and a vent pipe. It would seem to be a pre-fab solar powered bathroom. There was striping on Haviland road for additional parking. If the phase 2 section of the Dutchess RT is any indication, the Walkway should be very, very popular.

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