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Walkway OTH report


  This past Sunday I went for a short ride across the river. The walkway now looks almost baren without the 2 big crawler cranes and all the other heavy construction equipment. What vehicles and equipment remain, is now dispersed along the entire length of the walkway. The big Royal rental crane could not be seen. As I rode out of Johnson Iorio park, at the west end of the FDR Mid Hudson bridge, I had noticed a fresh coat of silver  paint on the guardrail. This continued along Haviland Rd. There seems to have been some recent mowing /triming along the road. The town of Lloyd road department would like to make a good impression for the grand opening of the Walkway, in less than 2 weeks time, it would seem. I rode past Ransom Rd. to the west entrance of the Walkway. I could see through the chain link fence, there is now a new wood split rail fence along the north side of the Walkway property. I had also noticed that a large Scenic Hudson sign had been added to all the other signs.

  However, the most noticiceable was not what I had seen, but rather what I did not see. The old caboose, that was in that construction
 lot along Haviland Rd., was no longer there. When I was at the Walkway entrance, I could not see the caboose through the fence. The caboose must be just out of sight from Haviland Rd. around the corner behind the trees. While I was taking pictures of the west entrance, a car drove by slowly toward Johnson Iorio park and then turned around and stoped at the entrance. I yelled out “two more weeks!” to the ocupants inside. As I was taking a picture of the construction lot, sans caboose, someone driving a white Chevy Astro mini van pulled into the lot. I saw that it had custom DMV plates that read “WALKWAY1”. A lean fellow of some maturity, wearing a Walway OTH hat, steped out of the van. I started my conversation with him by telling him what a great idea it was for the concrete decking of the Walkway OTH, and to see just what a great idea that was, he should see the mini trestle in Rosendale that is a part of the Wallkill RT. The old wood decking, out to mid span, is now all warped and nails are sticking up. He had told me that the bridge was closed due to unsafe conditions. I had told him when I was there in April, the old bridge was still open. As I so often do, I forgot to get this fellows name, and did not give mine and most importantly, did not give him my e mail address and the URL for this blog.

The grand opening of the Walkway Over The Hudson, will be over the first weekend of October – Friday 10-02,Saturday 10-03, and Sunday 10-04. The actual opening ceremony will be on Saturday. The ceromony for officials, dignitaries, and other invited guests will be between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. The walkway will be open to the public at 3:00 PM. The Walkway OTH site has a full schedule of the grand opening events over the weekend. The city of Poughkeepsie will be providing additional parking and a shuttle bus. Hopefuly they will sacrafice one of the new diesel-electric hybrid buses, with the bike racks, for this special event shuttle. This will be much apreciated for the “topographicaly chalenged” cyclists coming up here, via train, as the east entrance on Parker Ave. is at elevation higher than the RR station.

here is my RR station to Walkway route for those that would like to ride from the MTA Metro North Poughkeepsie station to the Walkway

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