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Walkway OTH report


Only 2 weeks to go! – before the grand opening October 3. The railing on the south side, except for a short 20 ft. section, is almost complete in the city of Poughkeepsie over Water St. On the north side though, in the same area, there is a more substantial section of uncompleted railing from rt. 9 to just west of Water St. I could see that back hoe closer and could see that it has a hook on the end – a back hoe crane. This is perhaps being used for the railing sections.

When I was across the river over the Labor Day weekend, I saw one of those Royal rental cranes, common in this area, parked in that
parking/storage area (that was made for the project) next to rt. 55/44 off Haviland Rd. in Highland. This crane is the rubber wheel truck, hydraulic boom type. On this day I could see that crane at the very west end. I don’t know what this crane was being used for. Aparently for something that requires a bit more lift than that mini crane on the back of the steel work truck.

At the Parker Ave. (SR 9G) east entrance, there did not seem to be any further progress than what I had seen during the Labor Day weekend. While I was taking a picture, a tractor-trailer truck started to drive out the not-yet-paved entance and turned right toward the west end of the dirt city parking lot. As the truck turned, I could see a Mercury vapor type building light on the side. With darkness coming early these days, and only 2 weeks before the scheduled opening, it would seem the contactor is planing on doing some OT to get finished in time. Then all of a sudden, one of the double wheels from the trailer rolled out into the street and stoped in the middle of the street. Traffic had to swerve around it. I walked toward the west end of the city dirt parking lot. I saw the driver of the truck looking around like for the wheel that just fell off. I yelled out “it’s over here!” pointing to the double trailer wheel in the middle of the street. The double wheel eventualy rolled, still upright, up against the curb.


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