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I went down Water St. and the RR station to see if the decking was completed. I had been the past several weeks using the upper deck of the parking garage for my vantage point. The decking is now complete! I had hoped I would have been there for the last section of decking being placed. I had thought there might be some sort of ceremony. Alas I was too late and perhaps the last section had been placed yesterday 09-03. As I rode UP along the Walkway, I could hear the noises of a very large machine. I had realized it was one of the big cranes. I looked to my right in between the houses and there it was, the boom from the crane poking up above the trees. I could see the hook swaying. I also saw some people without hard hats, which I had thought was odd. The crane was moving in an easterly direction, and so when I had gotten to Washington St. I stoped to watch the big crane being driven along the Walkway. There was a large van truck parked on the Washinton St. overpass. I had expected it would be moved to make way for the crane, but was not. I could see that heavy wood timbers were being placed ahead of the crane as it advanced to protect the concrete deck from the crane’s catepillar tracks and imense weight. The crane was stoped at the truck and “parked” for the weekend. It was less than a few hours latter when I got to the library to check my e mail and to check the Walkway website. On the site, there was no news about the placing of the very last deck section. I also visited the Scenic Hudson site for any updates about the Franny Reese Preserve. There, on the main page was a picture of Ned Sulivan, the SH director, signing the last section of decking for the walkway. The date given was September 04! Whoever is the web designer/master, must have had one of those new Verizon 3G enabled netbooks to be able to update the SH main page so quickly. I had aprently missed the verylast section of decking being placed, and the acompying ceremony, by mere minutes. This would explain the hard hatless people I saw up on the Walkway


The decking is almost complete! – less than 50′ to go. There was only the one big crane, the one that started from Highland last year. The crane that had started from the east end in the city of Poughkeepsie was not there. The truck with the little crane was on the decking on the east side of water St.. The railing is now over Water St. It would seem some of what the steel workers were doing, was to remove the old power lines and supports.

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