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There is a new, handicap accesible, porta-potty at the south end of the Overocker Rd. parking lot. Also there are new signs here, and at Morgan Lake for a walking path. I had also seen signs for additional parking at the Poughkeepsie town hall. This section of the RT has become very popular indeed!



The 2 crews are now only about 100 yards apart from each other. The decking and railing west crew, which started out from Highland last year,were placeing some of the last sections of decking. The bridge structure west crew, with that little crane on a truck, were lifting something into place in the area between the 2 decking crews. I could finaly see what precisely that “little crane” is sitting on, and more detail of the truck it self.That truck seems to be more than a small crane on the back of a flat-bed. I had cropped a section of the photo I had taken and could see that there is a large compressor section just behind the cab. I had seen that the truck is sitting on pre-fab wood deck sections with a short section of railing. I don’t know if prep work for the future elevator was being done, or if this was ongoing bridge structure work.


east end – C.O.P. – decking now up to Water St., now over the MNCRR rail yard. Work has begun on the east end entrance off Parker Ave. – SR 9G.The remnants of an old stone wall have been uncovered, and can be seen from the street.

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