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there is now a solar powered * TCL at Grand Ave with a motion / proximity sensor. When a cyclist, or pedestrian, approaches there are LED lights that flash for both the RT and the roadway
* TCL = Traffic Control Light


I am now incorporating the DRT in my ride from the Arlington library to the Stop and Shop in the rt. 44 plaza.
the route from the library to Stop and Shop:
LEFT onto Davis Ave.
LEFT FairmontRIGHT Manchester Rd. (old rt. 55)LEFT at pedestrian crosswalk onto path / side walk through woods for 100 ft.CAUTION!CROSS SR 55 at TCL (use ped xing signal control)* E.R.S.O.B. NYS DOT region 8 HQ *RIGHT Overocker Rd. 6% grade maxLEFT DRT 1.1 mi – north
CAUTION! * M.U.R.T. pedestrians roller-bladers people with walkers (see below)
go under rt. 44
EXIT DRT at LOVE ROAD on left side – 100 ft. after above

RIGHT at bottom of grade at Big Lots – then right onto main road through plaza in front of Big Lots then right then left to Stop and Shop

M.U.R.T. = Multi Use Recreational Trail

On Overocker Rd. there is now, where the orange construction sign was, an orange sign that says “RAIL TRIL AHEAD”I saw a number of parked cars on Love Rd. On this day the RT was very busy – seems like half the cycling population of Poughkeepsie was on the RT. Most of these cyclists are “newbies”. I saw a number of families, parents with children. I also had noticed, somewhat disturbingly, quite a number of those cyclists without helmets,most notably the younger children under the age of 16. Here in NY, children under the age of 16 are required to wear helmets. In addition,as per the “RULES OF THE TRAIL” helmets are required for everybody. As I passed one helmetless family, I taped the top of my helmet. And on the subject of the “newbies”. I always find it to be a bit embarasing when I “blow by” one of these “newbies” at 13 MPH. My usual touring cruise speed. I mean after all my cycling e mail address is and I do not like to give the impression that I am one of those fast, pro racer “wana be’s”.

In addition to all the cyclists, rollerbladers, and hikers, I also saw some senior citizens / and or those that are physicaly chalenged with walkers.This is a first, for me, to see people with walkers on a rail trail! My guess this is quite common on some of the trailways in Florida.
There are now mileage markers on the RT.The mileage is from Hopewell Jct. to Morgan Lake, therefore going south on the RT the mileage decreases and going north the mileage increases.The Love Rd. access still has those construction barrels.

the return route from Stop and Shop / rt. 44 plaza:
reverse route back UP Love Rd. 8% grade max
LEFT DRT north
LEFT onto Grand Ave. (mile HJ 11.3)
CAUTION! traffic shared roadway CAUTION! stop at bottom of hillCROSS DeLavalFOOD DELICAUTION! STOP AT BOTTOM OF STEEP GRADE (8% grade)CROSS WEST arterial at TCLCAUTION! road narrows rough road constructionRIGHT Main St. at TCLFOOD McDonalds to right Wendy’s to left



east end – C.O.P. – decking now up to US rt. 9 – there is a long scafold on the south side of te bridge going along bridge long way east-west

Scenic Hudson – Franny Reese Preserve


I had found, after some digging on the SH web site, a map for a master plan to develop this area into a state park with improved trails,
interpretive signs, a main entrance /parking area with maps etc. It had seemed from the master plan map that there may be 2 access points off Mack Rd. The one I had found earlier to the north-west and another to the south-east. The second access seemed to be closer to the ruins of that windmil I had yet to see. I went for a short ride across the river, this day, to see if I could find that second access. When I had arrived at that first access  from US rt. 9W, I saw to my surprise that there was a buldozer was in the area of the access, and the base for a road had been made. There was a sign indicating the park was closed for construction as per that aforementioned master plan. I rode up Mack Rd. to see if I could find that second access, but I could not find it. I will now have to wait until Labor Day before I can ride the newly improved trails to the ruins of that windmil, and other structures.

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