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Dutchess Trailways update



graphic of RT construction detail

DRT Poughkeepsie section at Overocker Rd. – there is now on the south side a parking lot – fresh asphalt – RT completed around parking lot – there is a concrete sort of transition from the road onto the RT – there is that non-slip rubber tread – there is a kind of little concrete island spliting the RT into 2 lanes with wood posts on either side – along the parking lot there is a concrete sidewalk which is flush with asphalt lane – presumably to left (going SB) would be for pedestrians and asphalt part for whheled trail use – bicycles etc. – at far south end there is one of those trailhead sort of “shelters” – no sign/map/info yet – the RT on the north side (to Morgan Lake C.O.P.) is not paved yet

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