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Dutchess Trailways update



northern terminus – Morgan Lake C.O.P. – see paving equipment in parking lot – trail ROW at this end still not paved yet – work on trail head sign roof etc.


east end C.O.P. – no trailers etc. off Parker Ave. (SR 9G) railings on both sides up to near Dutchess Ave. just behind big green crane – there now is scafolding just below that last section of decking from 3 weeks ago – there is an I beam going transversly across the bridge just in front of the big crane – there are trafic cones blocking sidewalk underneath

west end Highland – decking now out over water – work was in progress 15:00 hrs. saw the big crane being swung around – there is scafolding around the second bent in the water from west end I could see workers and could hear jack hammer or very big impact tool/gun and saw a barge in the river at the pier/footing for this bent- I had noted a wider section of decking over (active) CSX RR along river near river level

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