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I had, at first, intended this blog to be just a progress report on the 2 big trailways cuently under construction in the area, the Walkway and the Dutchess rail trail. However I had realized, this blog would be an excelent medium to also chronicle my cycling adventures (and perhaps mis-adventures as well) in this area such as this weekend – Sat. 04/25/09 and Sun. 04/26/09 – as well. I am after all a card carying member of the national organization named .. you guesed it, Adventure Cycling.

C.O.P. = City Of Poughkeepsie

DRT    = Dutchess Rail Trail

OTH    = Over The Hudson

HFH = Hills From Hell


previous notes:
the walkway will be open October 3 2009 with an opening ceremony on that day – actually there will be various activities over the entire weekend starting Friday – see the Walkway Over The Hudson web site for more details 03/17/09 – I see a lift underneath the RR bridge on Delafield Street in the City of Poughkeepsie – looks like work on the walkway is beginning at east end – as I had thought there will be 2 crews, the crew that started at the west end (Highland) last year, and now a crew starting work  on the walkway from the east end 04/05/09 – decking at east end – C.O.P. – in place up to about 100 yards east of Washington Street – west end crew now well over water about 1/3 way out toward Poughkeepsie
04/11/09 – east end C.O.P. – decking now over Talmadge Street

04/18/09 – east end C.O.P – decking now over Delafield Street
west end – Highland on this day I decided to do my first crossing of the year into Ulster county and have a closer look at the RR bridge and work on the Walkway OTH – there are 2 cranes near the west end, a small “mini” crane and the much bigger crane for the pre-fab walkway sections – I don’t know what the small crane is resting on – all of the rails have been removed, or so I had thought – the small crane is out over the water just west of the second support in the water (or “bent” in trestle parlance) – this had led me to believe the west end decking was up to this point when in fact the decking at the west end is only just up to the river over Oakes road – in addition to the decking, the railings at the west end are in place up to, and a bit beyond,  Ransom road

Fri. 04/24/09 east end C.O.P. – I was able to observe the construction crew actualy working on the walkway. I could see vehicles,besides the big green crane, associated with the construction, on the completed decking. The decking was up to Dutcess Ave.  I watched the crew put in place several sections of the pre-fab concrete sections



Sat. 04/25/09 I rode out to SR 55 Manchester Rd. to see what,if any progress is being made on the DRT The old bridge over SR 55 and old Manchester Rd. had been removed some years ago when SR 55 was widened, and so the ROW is split into 2 main sections. The long section of about 9 miles starting from where I had riden to going all the way south to Hopewell Jct., and a shorter 3 mile section going from the north side of SR 55 to the nothern terminus at Morgan Lake park in the C.O.P. It would seem there had been no progress on this long section, at this end. I had seen, perhaps on the county web site, that a section had been completed and thought would continue northward. The LaGrange section, north and south,  is still very much undeveloped as of this date. I had ridden the undeveloped section from here to the crossing at Titusvile Rd., aproximately 2 miles. There is still the old balast and was very rough. At Titusvile Rd. there is a new shopping plaza not on the maps. I think these maps were done for the initial proposal / plans in 2007.

On the return I wanted to stop at Stop and Shop to get some things. I knew the ROW went behind the plaza and so rode into the Manchester business park where I knew I could get onto the ROW. There is now a gate and baricade behind the pumping station. (the old RR ROW also serves as a water main ROW for the IBM facility in East Fishkill – this was actualy phase 1 of the trailway – sometimes corporate welfare can be a good thing) When I had gotten to the Overocker Rd. crosing I saw constrauction equipment and that the ROW had been graded and the old balast had been removed. There was that plastic sheeting with wood stakes in a sort of fence to contain the construction area. At the point I had left the ROW behind the plaza I could see the contained construction extended northward. I was not sure if this was all the way to Morgan Lake.


picture of RR trestle in Rosendale from the Roundout Creek

Sunday cycling adventure


The Mid Hudson Valley of New York has now finaly caught up with other parts of the country with various trailways and … transit buses with bike racks. Ulster county had recently re-vamped their transit system with a re-branding. The new system is now named Ulster County Area Transit, or UCAT. They got some new buses with bike racks. (seems bike racks are now std. equpment on all new transit buses – the new Gilig hybrid buses the C.O.P. recently put into service also have bike racks) Ulster county also created a new Ulster – Poughkeepsie route – or LINK as it is named. These buses are ostenibly to provide a link for NYC commuters to the MTA Metro North RR here in Pok. However the buses also run on the weekends to provide service for the SUNY New Paltz students. The northern terminus is at the park and ride in Rosendale. The Rosendale area of Ulster county is a very atractive area for cycling. I would take advantage of this bike-bus conection and take the UCAT to Rosendale. I had not taken my bike on a transit bus since I was in Seatle in 1983, 26 years ago. It has taken this long for New York to catch up!

As per schedule, there seems to be a nearly 1/2 hour “layover” at the trans center part of the Pok. RR station. This was confirmed when the UCAT bus arrived at 11:20. (this was also a “strange” concept in this area – a bus on a Sunday!) I had asked the driver about this and she had confirmed this when she told me the bus would not leave untill 11:45. The driver let me put the bicycle on the rack. I pulled the release lever and droped the rack down. This was easy and intuitive. The hook was a tad trickier. It was easy to swing up, but seemed at first to be too short. With instruction from the driver, I had discovered the hook extends and is spring loaded.  I pulled the hook all the way out and put up and over the wheel and tire. I was not paying attention to the sign on the rack and inadvertantly put the bicycle the wrong way in the rack, and so had the hook over the wrong wheel. The hook came loose at some point and the driver let me get off at SUNY New Paltz to re-set the hook.

The stop in Rosendale is just south of “downtown” on SR 32. The park and ride lot has a bus terminal with a waiting area and restrooms, and was open, on a Sunday! I was therefore able to top-off my water bottles on this very toasty Colorado-in-July like day, on this last Sunday in April in New York.

below is a description of the short 13 mile loop I had ridden – note: I did not document the mileage on all of the turns, and also of note: I was riding my Giant Rincon ATB

     R SR 32
  .4  L SR 213 west
1.4  R CR 7 Binewater Rd.
       HFH very steep grade 14% grade at turn
2.3 L CR 26 Sawdust Ave.
      steep grade (did not document – around 10%)
      good view near estate 
      1755 Snyder Home – NYS historical marker  (looks like it is a current residence – not museum – this is just after the Cotekill apts.)
3.1 CROSS CR 1 (“roadies” would turn LEFT and follow CR 1 all the way to SR 213)
      FOOD Cross Roads Deli
3.3 L Marbeltown RTpart of the D&H canal heritage trailway
      rail trail was rough in sections – like wide mtn. bike trail
      and… an extremely steep UP-grade at other end of bridge (did not document the grade – but was in the mid to upper teens)
      good view of ridge to left 
      there was a downed tree blocking the trail – had to climb over
      had to down shift into low range for a squishy muddy section
      I exited the RT at Legett road – there is a litle park with several picnic tables
      the trail continued south
5.7 L Leggett Rd.
6.0 R CR 1
      L SR 213 (did not document mileage but was about 2 miles from last turn)
      HIGH FALLS FOOD numerous
      D&H canal remnants towpath – museum
      rather than continue on SR 213 back to Rosendale  I instead did a short side loop in the village – I turned R onto Fireman’s Lane,
      then R onto the village path through a little park / village green and onto the towpath trail – one could easily see what remains of the
      actual canal – the stone blocks lining the canal are still there – I exited the towpath trail onto CR 6 Mohonk Rd.
      L CR 6 (to the right is the western aproach of the Shawangunk ridge good view – this is the Mohonk climb west)
      D&H canal museum
      R SR 213 4 miles to Rosendale

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